Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easy Wreath

My Mom had this wreath in her goodwill pile this past weekend. I've been wanting a wreath for our back porch for a while I snatched it in hopes that I could make it come to life....
In the midst of spraying a dozen other things white over the weekend this wreath got caught up in the paint. It was surprisingly really easy to spray. Only took about two coats on each side and she was done.
 I tried to get creative and think of something fun for Christmas I could do with add ornaments or Christmas ribbon. So far, all I've come up with is this burlap ribbon. I made it from burlap I bought at Lowe's. Did you know that you can buy burlap at Lowe's? Well you can. It's in the garden section. It comes in a roll and is great because it has edges that are seamed together - which is great for projects like this.

At least with just simple burlap I can keep it up after's to a very easy project!